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Are you a middle-aged man or a single dad struggling to navigate the complex world of modern dating and relationships? By embracing the wisdom of Stoicism, you can become a more confident, authentic, and attractive partner – and ultimately, create the loving, lasting relationship you deserve.
Ralph DeFelice, dating and relationship coach

About the Dating Stoic

I’m Ralph, a single dad of two teenage kids. My journey of self-discovery and personal growth began a decade ago when my marriage ended, leaving me to face the challenges of single parenthood and the emotional aftermath of a difficult relationship.

Personalized Coaching Services

Comprehensive coaching services designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to confidently approach dating and relationships. Whether you're just starting to date after a divorce or looking to enhance your current relationship, my expert guidance will help you create lasting connections.

Personalized Dating Strategy Sessions

One-on-one coaching to develop a customized dating plan and set achievable goals.

One-on-One Relationship Coaching Sessions

Personalized coaching tailored to individual needs and goals in relationships.

Customized Dating Coaching Packages

Tailored coaching packages designed to address specific dating goals and challenges.

Relationship Coaching Packages

Coaching packages designed to address specific relationship goals and challenges.

An Intro to Stoicism, Dating & Relationships

The Dating Stoic was born out of a need to address the limited resources available to men and the lack of an underlying philosophy in most dating and relationship advice. Most guidance consists of random ideas without a coherent or consistent framework to tie it all together.

By integrating the principles of Stoicism, The Dating Stoic seeks to fill this void and provide a more grounded, meaningful approach to dating and relationships.

The Dating Stoic Blog

Dating and relationship advice (mostly) through the lens of Stoicism.

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